Monday, October 17, 2016

Multiple Bomb Threats All Over Denmark

Via Business Insider:

Numerous bomb threats were made in Denmark today causing two airports to close, and two shopping centers to be evacuated along with the Copenhagen Business School campus, Reuters reports.

The threats were made against Roskilde airport and a shopping center outside Roskilde along with the following locations in the Copenhagen area: Copenhagen airport, Copenhagen University, Rigshospitalet, the Fields shopping centrer, Fisketorvet, Frederiksberg Centret, and Copenhagen Business School.

The police explain in a press release that there was reason to believe the threats were hoaxes early on, but that in recognition of the severity of the situation it was still deemed prudent to close the airports and evacuate the shopping centers as a precaution.

The police believe many or all of the threats were made by the same culprit, but the perpetrator has not yet been identified.

Rigspolitiet writes on Twitter that bomb threats have been occuring all over Denmark lately.

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