Wednesday, November 16, 2016

After Saving Denmark With Sex, This Travel Agency Is Back With A Hilarious New Campaign And A Clever Price Discrimination Model

Via Business Insider:

The Danish travel agency Spies Rejser has taken it upon itself to promote pregnancy and thereby save the welfare system from the perils of an ageing population. After promoting vacation as a means to more babies with the campaigns 'Do it for Denmark' and 'Do it for Mom', Spies Rejser has now turned to a different problem.

Yes, it seems to imply that not having sex leads to death.

More children are finally being born, and the travel agency laments to inform the Danish population that more children unfortunately leads to less sex. That, however, can be remedied by booking a vacation, ensuring sex throughout life, Spies Rejser suggests. And it should not be taking lightly because having more sex improves both health and quality of life - thereby alleviating stress on the welfare system.

However true this may or may not be, the ad campaign is somewhat of a phenomenon. Spies Rejser takes the 'sex sells' principle to the next level - although the most recent campaign is not as sophisticated as their previous roundabout approach of suggesting that aspiring grandparents should treat their children to vacations in order to make babies...

More children → bigger discount. This approach recognizes that children are super-expensive. In Sweden, for example, the cost of raising a child until their 18th birthday has been estimated to SEK 1.4 million (~$160,000) by Swedbank.

So the more children you have, the less you can afford a vacation. Spies Rejser's discounts may not do much to offset the cost of having a family, but it does at least take in the difference in purchasing power of different family constellations. And the travel agency manages to get away with this price discrimination with a wink and a smile.

In 2014 Spies Rejser also promoted pregnancies by offering Danes who had conceived during their trips a couple of years worth of baby supplies, and this very informative ad for 'child-friendly holidays'. Can sex save Denmark's future? Apparently the actress in the ad was 'Made in Paris', along with 10% of Danish children conceived on holidays. The ad cites a survey saying that Danes have 46% more sex while on holiday than at home.

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