Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Danish Food-App That Lets You Buy Restaurant Meals For $2.5 Has Saved 700 Tons Of Food In A Year - And Just Won The Nordic Council Environment Prize

Via Business Insider:

Too Good To Go is a Danish app that let's users buy leftover food that would go to waste at closing time, at heavily discounted prices.

Takeaway restaurant meals for as little as $2.5 sounds pretty good, doesn't it?

It's not only good for your wallet - it's also good for the environment. If it's possible to save half of the food that is wasted globally, the whole world could be fed, Too Good To Go claims. At the same time, food waste is one of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions.

In recognition of Too Good To Go's sustainable solution to eliminating food waste, and thereby curbing resource consumption and stress on the environment, the Nordic Council of Ministers just awarded the startup the Nordic Council Environment Prize. The motivation is not only the sustainable business model, but also that Too Good To Go may inspire other industries to explore similar concepts.

The startup was only founded a year ago, but Too Good To Go has already expanded to several European countries: Norway. Germany, France, UK, and is currently being tested in New York City. In 2017, the company is set to expand to several new markets.

The screendump and the statistics above are from the startup's UK site. In total, Too Good To Good has distributed 353,000 meals - saving 700 tons of food from being thrown away.

If you're not looking to eat yourself, you can donate a meal to a homeless person for DKK 20 (less than $3) instead. So far some 5,000 meals have been donated to homless people through the service, according to Too Good To Go's Danish website.

Besides winning the Nordic Council Environment Prize, Too Good To Go was recently selected to participate in Green Tech Challenge's intense training program for promising green startups.

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