Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The Swedish Police Is In A Lousy Shape, But The Chief Is Refusing To Resign

Via Business Insider:

The Swedish police is in dire straits. Results are falling, senior officers are quitting, and others are openly critical of the organization.

During parts of the summer, one patrol was in charge of policing an area in the north of Sweden almost as big as Denmark.

The Swedish goverment has made it clear that the police has to improve. Minister for Home Affairs Anders Ygeman told the Swedish news paper Dagens Nyheter this August that he wants results to improve before the end of this year.

But things are looking bleak.

According to an examination recently conducted by Dagens Nyheter, the number of criminal investigations has now fallen to levels not seen before in modern times. The number of investations fell with 9 percent between January and October this year.

To counter the negative trend, hundreds of civil investigators were recruited in september. But even so, the fall in the number of investigations accelerated during October.

Many say that the culprit is the new police organization. It is more heavily centralized than before, but critics say that important local knowledge was lost in the process.

At the center of the storm is director general Dan Eliasson. He is a former director general of the Swedish Migration Authority and Swedish Social Insurance Agency. He has been heavily criticized during his tenure, for his lack of police experience, for politically sensitive statements he has made while in office and for the difficulties the police organization is facing.

So far Eliasson has refused to budge, and he still has the support of Anders Ygeman. When confronted by Dagens Nyheter with the falling number of investigations, Eliasson said: "It's going to improve goddamnit, to speak proper Swedish".

Even Leif GW Persson, professor in criminology at the Swedish National Police Board and a well-known author and tv celebrity, as well as friend of Dan Eliasson is calling for him to resign.

He writes that the police chief, "and everyone that is thinking like him" needs to be fired.

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