Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Here Are Sweden's Most Attractive Employers For Business Graduates

Via Business Insider:

It's a time of economic uncertainty, and the competition among students for a spot in Spotify or another popular company like Google or IKEA is arguably tougher than ever.

Universum Global's annual survey has asked thousands of Swedish students and young professionals about their work place preferences. Here are the results in the Business category.

Business Students

Universum Global's annual survey has asked almost 25 000 Swedish students where they prefer to start their careers.

Swedish companies are good at attracting young graduates, as only three foreign companies – Google, PwC and EY – make the Top 10.

Tech giants Google and Spotify cement their place at the top, together with Swedish household names IKEA and H&M. The tech- and retail-heavy top is followed by more traditional options; four Swedish banks and two famous management consultancies make the business student wish list.

1. Google

2. Hennes & Mauritz


4. Spotify

5. Handelsbanken

6. PwC

7. EY

8. Swedbank

9. SEB

10. Nordea

Young Business Professionals

Universum Professional Survey asked more than 12,000 Swedish young professionals about their ideal work place.

The top 4 is almost identical to the Student list. But further down, replacing the banks and consultancies are cars and running shoes.

Have the business students learned something about the world of banking and management consultancy that make them prioritize new employers? Perhaps.

1. Spotify


3. Google

4. Hennes & Mauritz

5. Nike

6. Volvo Cars

7. ICA

8. Adidas Group

9. Volvo Group

10. Business Sweden (Exportrådet)

Over the past 28 years, Universum has been using the insights from its annual student survey to help employers understand, attract, and retain current and future employees through its research, strategic consulting, and activation services.

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