Thursday, February 09, 2017

Malmö Just Got Its First Game Incubator – And Is Set To Produce Even More Of The World’s Bestsellers

Via Business Insider:

Malmö has an incredible track record when it comes to game successes – and it’s set to become an even more important hub for the industry. Minc, the startup house in Malmö, already hosts an incubator, an accelerator, a startup lab and a coworking space. Lauching this spring it will also have an incubator dedicated to game companies, called Minc Game.

“When you think of the game scene in Sweden you’ll probably think of King or Mojang, but that’s only part of the story. We have game companies in Malmö consisting of only one or two people that deliver exceptionally high quality games”, says Mårten Öbrink, CEO of Minc.

The incubator will host 5-8 early stage game companies over a period of 12 months (and has already opened for applications), allowing the companies to access Minc’s business advisors, coaches and matchmakers in areas of investments, marketing and team building. It will be run by Peter Lübeck, formerly COO at Tarsier Studios, the Malmö-based game studio behind the successes LittleBigPlanet, PS Vita and Little Nightmares.

“Malmö has been doing exceptionally well on the international game scene, and the studios here range from one-man shows to much bigger studios like Massive, There still hasn’t been a go-to place for setting up your own game studio though, and it’s something game developers in the region have been looking for. That’s why we launched the programme series Game Startup Academy last year, and the success of that inspired us to set up Minc Game”, Peter Lübeck, Project Manager at Minc Game, explains.

It’s certainly true to say Malmö is ‘doing well on the international game scene’. With a population of only 320.000 Malmö is home to some 40 game companies – 4.8 times more per capita compared to, for example, London. Ubisoft and King are two big names in Malmö, and Massive just bought an entire block in the city to expand their team from 400 to 600.

The bulk of the game companies consists of smaller studios , but being small doesn’t prevent them from consistently delivering best-sellers. With support from the new incubator there’s bound to be even more coming up.

Malmö’s startup environment isn’t only unique for the game development scene. Outside of the Nordic capital cities, Malmö received more venture capital 2016 year than any other Nordic city, The Nordic Web wrote. One reason Malmö is attractive for entrepreneurs is that it's relatively cheap compared to the Nordic capitals, but at the same time it's closely connected to the vital startup ecosystem and metropolitan area of Copenhagen.

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