Thursday, March 23, 2017

Stockholm And Copenhagen Attracted The Most Investments In 2016 – But It’s Malmö That Really Shines

Via Business Insider:

Going by the number of investments during 2016, Stockholm is the most entrepreneurial region of the Nordics with 247, followed by Copenhagen at 98 investments.

But the region that really stands out in the statistics is the southern most part of Sweden, Skåne. The west coast cities of Lund, Helsingborg and Malmö together represent the smallest region by population, but it still manages to place third by number of investments, 78.

"The fact that Skåne, and Malmö in particular, has done so well over the past year is part of a wider trend that we see across Europe at the moment. VCs are becoming a lot better at looking into opportunities beyond major hubs like London and Stockholm. What's interesting with Malmö is that it's got a solid track record on deep tech startups, which is starting to properly catch VCs' eyes", says Jeanette Andersson, investment manager at the Malmö based incubator Minc.

Over the last three years the total value of the investments amount to some $300 million. While three years isn’t enough to identify a trend, it is fun to consider the trajectory.

The most active investors in the region are Swedish – including Almi Invest, Industrifonden and Hampus Jakobsson, but as many as one in five funding rounds have an international investor participating.

“We are already seeing a rise in visits from venture capital firms to Malmö this year, partially because our ecosystem had a high number of small investments last year”, says Jeremie Poirier, co-Head at Malmö Startups.

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