Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Swedish Crowdfunding Hit Uniti Is Becoming Reality – 50.000 Vehicles Coming Up

Via Business Insider:

Uniti is an electric urban vehicle for the future, initially developed at Lund University and since 2016 a freestanding project. Its futuristic concept car became one Sweden's most talked about crowdfunding hits last year.

What makes Uniti unique is that they have chosen to completely remake the electric car concept, instead of just modifying and adjusting the concept of conventional cars.

Uniti posits that conventional vehicles are uneccessarily powerful and big, and wants to provide a scaled-down and more sustainable alternative. Its futuristic car concept brings substantial efficiency and environmental gains, and a high user experience, enabled by smartphone technology amongst other things.

Uniti has now announced that they will establish a fully automated factory to build the car.

The first vehicles will be built in a factory in the south Swedish county of Skåne, in collaboration with Siemens. First deliveries are scheduled for 2019, and the factory should have a capacity to produce 50 000 units already during its first active year, says Di Digital.

Unitis’ electric vehicle will be able to cover between 150 to 300 kilometers, weigh 400 kilograms, and come with an estimated price tag of SEK 200 000 ($24.500).

When the company's crowdfunding-campaign was launched on FundedByME last year, Uniti asked for SEK 5 million to build a production-ready prototype. Two days later that goal was already surpassed. The final pledged investments amounted to just over SEK 12 million ($1.35M).

Uniti's ambitions are high - new financing on the way.

Already, Uniti is believed to prepare for a big financing round, to the tune of more than half a billion krona ($63M), and has the long-term goal of an IPO, according to Di Digital.

But before all that can happen, many EV enthusiasts surely want to test drive the futuristic vehicle.

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