Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Swedish Billionaire Who Met “Egocentric” Trump: He Will Be Out Of Office In Four Years

Via Business Insider:

Sweden’s 44th richest person, real estate magnate Sven-Olof Johansson has aired his opinions of USA:s president Donald Trump. Johansson met Trump back in the 80’s, when buying construction services from one of his companies.

While he was cautiously optimistic about Trump's ability to affect change right after the election, Johansson has since changed his views.

Sven-Olof Johansson wasn’t impressed by Trump - but thinks he is “efficient”

”He is a very, very egocentric person and not at all pleasant to deal with. But he is efficient”, said Johansson to Svenska Dagbladet.

He was convinced Trump would tone down his flamboyant style and boost the American economy by deregulating the financial sector and launching infrastructure programs.

After 70 days of President Trump, that view has changed

A few months in, the effect has been quite the opposite, according to Johansson. Consumer uncertainty has led to saving instead of spending, leading to stalling car sales and retail spending. Moreover, many of Trump's Wall Street reforms are unlikely to pass.

Johansson thinks it will be interesting to see how Trump is going to react to the “political wall” he faces, considering that the American billionaire is used to getting his way, writes Veckans Affärer (VA).

But Johansson doesn’t think Trump can hold onto power beyond a first term

”I think he only intends to do the changes he has commited to, and that he won’t be interested to serve another four-year term”, he told VA.

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